Weight Loss Foods: Great Grains!

When studying and reviewing the best weight loss foods, grains usually float to the top of the list.  But, are all grains created equal? The answer is no, they are not.

Is Rice a Good Weight Loss Food? Some Kinds Are.

As most know, there are a myriad of different types of rice and rice products.  One of the most common questions pertaining to rice is from those asking whether white and brown rice offer the same weight loss food benefits.  No, brown and white rice are not the same.  The obvious choice would be brown rice. Why, you ask?

While both brown and white rice have the same amount of calories, protein and carbohydrates, the difference is in the processing and nutritional content.  Brown rice typically has the least amount of processing, which makes it an excellent weight loss food.  To produce brown rice, only the outer husk of rice is removed. 

With white rice, not only is the husk removed but the processing goes even further to remove the next layers underneath the husk.  This layer is known as the bran layer and the germ.  This leaves a starchy endosperm for white rice. When this removal takes place, what’s left is a grain of rice with several vitamins and minerals lost with the layer removed. 

Those important vitamins and minerals include, B1, B3, iron, and magnesium. An example is one cup of brown rice contains 84mg of magnesium and the same amount of white rice contains a mere 19mg. Fiber is also lost which is a huge asset to any weight loss meal plan.

Fabulous Fiber!

Fiber is a wonderful part of any weight loss food list.  Why?  One of the main reasons is because it fills you up and offers you the benefit of staying full longer!  Since feeling full and satisfied is one of the key elements of any successful weight loss plan, fiber is high on the list.

Another excellent benefit of fiber is that it helps control blood sugar fluctuations.  Being able to control blood sugar and insulin is a big weight loss secret. 

The Rice Test.

Speaking of the importance of keeping one’s blood sugar in balance, it is important to understand the glycemic index.  The glycemic index is simply how a certain food affects your blood sugar.

There is a simple test you can do when considering rice options.  It’s sometimes called the “stickiness test”.  Once you’ve cooked your rice, notice if it’s easy to roll up into a ball.  If the rice is easily “mushed” the higher the glycemic index, and the faster it will cause your blood sugar to rise.

This is one of the reasons brown rice is better than white on your list of foods to lose weight.  Brown rice will cause a slower rise in your blood sugar.

Good and Bad Rice Choices for Weight Loss

Some of the best rice choices for weight loss include:  Brown Basmati Rice, Black Rice, Jasmine, and Wild Rice. 

Remember that white rice and instant rice, especially those that are microwavable, rice bowls, and any rice that has added sauces, creams, and sodium are not good choices for weight loss. These rice choices should be avoided for optimum weight loss.

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