Top Ten Traditional Children’s Toys

By Derek Rogers

While technology certainly plays a huge part in our shopping experience, there is something to be said for things that have stood the test of time. While the hot toy of today may easily fade into the annals of history, traditional children’s toys have been enjoyed by generations of young people. Adding these items to your children’s play things can benefit them in many ways. Here are the top ten traditional children’s toys for you to consider.

1. Books

Books are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Books introduce literacy to young children, even before they are able to read themselves. Studies show that children who are read to as babies and toddlers are better readers as they get into the school years.

2. Art Supplies

Things like crayons, paint, paper and colored pencils have always been well loved toys for children. They allow children to be creative and express their personality and emotions.

3. Games

Games are interactive fun for the whole family. Games allow for different age groups to interact in a relaxed and fun environment. Games are also fantastic for learning life principles and reinforcing educational milestones.

4. Building Sets

Look in any toy box and you will likely see several different building toys. Building is a classic spacial activity that children love to indulge in. Younger children like open ended building sets such as blocks or Legos, while older children may prefer building projects that allow for more complicated engineering.

5. Musical Instruments

Children love to make noise; that is no news to parents. However, when that noise is organised and delivered in an understandable way, music is created, and magic happens. Children are fascinated by music, so musical instruments are a great traditional children’s toy.

6. Dress Up

Children understand the world by play; playing is the way that your child learns. Being able to step into another character and explore the different feelings that creates, in a safe way, is beneficial to children making their way in a modern world. Dress up toys appeal to both boys and girls and should be included in any listing of traditional children’s toys.

7. Wooden Toys

Some of the first toys ever made were crude items carved from wood. While wood toys are certainly much more sophisticated today, they still retain that simple and classic appeal to both children and parents. When mixed with other natural fibers, they remain safe and beautiful toys for children to play with.

8. Kids Like Action!

While parents might prefer to live in a fantasy world where children play quietly in the corner, the truth is that kids like to be active! Any toy that encourages fast and furious physically activity is a hit. Throw in a safe way to explore conflict, and the principles of good and evil, and kids are like flies to honey. Things like bows and arrows, play swords and dart guns come to mind.

9. Stuffed Animals

Even as children age and begin to lose those little quirks that remind you of their baby years, they still have a need for comforting objects in their lives. Stuffed animals are a socially acceptable way to offer a bit of loving care when you can’t be there for them.

10. Sticks, Stones, and Cardboard Boxes

Before there were forums that provided immediate gratification and 24 hour entertainment for kids, they used a little thing called their imagination. Anything could be made into a play thing. Some of the most classic toys are things that your child will find in their environment. Encourage your kids to have fun with commonplace objects, some of the most classic, traditional toys.

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