Natural Health – Natural Tip For Moldy Basements

I went downstairs to my finished basement last week – I hadn’t been down there in a while – and my face started to tingle. No, it wasn’t an emotional or a spiritual ‘tingle’, it was a sensation that I get when I’m in the presence of a toxin.

Now, you might think this is an odd happening, but if you know what it’s like to be energetically and environmentally sensitive, then you probably understand.

Like many other sensitives, I pick up “information” in my environment. You know, it’s that “vibrational” thing (and if you ‘don’t know’ then make sure you listen in on my show with Dr. Jim Oschman author of the Science of Energy Medicine). But this time it wasn’t only energetic, it was a physical, environmental sensation (although the two aren’t really separate). Not only did I know it was a toxin, I knew what it was – and that it was mold.

Some might not consider mold a toxin but when it’s overgrowing in my environment, to me it’s a toxin. I had a criticizing moment with myself for not keeping up with the de-humidifying process over the past two months, and after that, I had a conversation in my head that went something like this. . . .

“how ironic, or rather synchronistic, or better yet, fortunate, that I just interviewed Jacque and Dr. Ed Close about natural treatment for mold and I have my notes handy on their recommended protocol!” (of which I’m going to share a brief outline with you here.) I am always so excited to apply what I learn in theory, and here I had that opportunity.

After I got the dehumification back on track, I brought my essential oil diffusers downstairs. (I really went hog-wild here and brought down three diffusers – much more than I needed – just one diffuser would have been sufficient, but I had them at the house so I used them!)

I diffused the essential oil blend of Thieves for a little more than 24 hours (if you don’t know how to use a diffuser watch my video in the link below). The Close’s protocol says to diffuse for 24 to 72 hours.

I was so anxious to clean that I only diffused for the minimum of 24 hours. I got out my Thieves cleaner and wiped every and any surface down with the appropriate mixture of water and the Thieves cleaner. I then diffused again for 2 straight days. Now there were a few things I didn’t do on the protocol, like the testing. . . but my own personal test was sufficient as far as I was concerned!

Here is a quick overview of the protocol: (but if you want more thorough information you may want to buy the book: Nature’s Mold Rx: The Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold”)

–Get sampling (Pre-test)
–Diffuse 24 – 72 hours
–Diffuse again
–Get a follow up sampling (Post-test)

You can also listen to the replay of my show where I interview Dr. and Jacque Close who are the experts in this work. I’ve got to tell you that there is great information in this interview – including what to do for mold in
the body! It’s worth listening to!

By the way. . . this treatment made a HUGE difference in my basement – it passed my post-test ~ no more tingle 🙂

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