Myths And Facts About Female Bodybuilding

It is a known fact that female bodybuilding is not as prominent when compare to their counterpart. Even though female bodybuilding is getting popular day by day; there is misconception about it that is stopping many women from getting in to it. In this article, we will look at some of the most common myths about female weight loss training and bodybuilding.

Myth # 1 – Bodybuilding makes you masculine.

By looking at all those women who appear in Ms.Olympiad its easy to get this opinion. But the truth in those women who appear masculine is that they want to look masculine. One of the major hormone that increases in muscle growth is testosterone and is naturally produced in male body but not in the female body. Hence female bodybuilders have an opinion that they wont be able to develop muscles unless they use steroids and drugs in order to achieve high muscularity. Women can achieve firm, fit and healthy looking body if they can workout without taking any artificial steroids and drugs.

Myth # 2 – Bodybuilding reduces agility and makes one stiff.

This will only happen if you just want to workout certain part of your body. If your perform exercises that have a full range of motion your agility will increase. Therefore, one should be careful with the exercise you do if you want to make yourself stiff.

Myth # 3 – Bodybuilding turns fat in to muscles.

Losing fat and gaining muscle are two different thing. If one has a high fat content in your body, then you need to have a proper diet and do aerobics if you want to lose fat. To gain muscles you need to workout. You can not turn fats into muscles just by doing weight training.

On the other hand, people also say that if you stop doing weight training, muscles will turn back in to fat. The reason many lose their muscle after stopping working is simply because of inactivity and poor eating habits.

Myth # 4 – Bodybuilding will increase your breast size.

But the honest truth is at best in will reduce the size of the breast. Since the female breast is mainly made up of fat, there is no direct effect of weight training on your breast. If the body fat percentage goes below 12 percent, it can lead to the reduction of the breast size. Since weight training increases the size of the back, it creates a misconception about an increase in breast size.

There are many more myths involved with regards to female bodybuilding and bodybuilding in general. The honest truth is that is more benefit to women as a result of bodybuilding. A female bodybuilder will have a higher stamina when compare to a normal women. To get a better idea about female bodybuilding, its better if you visit bodybuilding forum that are frequented by expert female bodybuilders. There you can questions and get proper answers rather than depending on the opinion of people who know decidedly less about it.

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