How Genetics Affect Your Fitness Level

Although healthy eating and regular exercise can help you reach higher levels of fitness, there are limits to what each person’s body can achieve. A healthy habit of physical activity can be passed down through families through learned behavior, but there may also be a biological component at work. Genetics may play a role in your body’s ability to push yourself to the limits.

Gene Expression

Your genes are comprised of DNA markers. These dictate which genes are turned on and off. The unique combination impacts the way your brain and body respond to different stimuli, meaning that you are predisposed to certain strengths and weaknesses. Scientists use specials tools, such as an array scanner, to analyze DNA and other genetic material. This helps them draw conclusions about the way the human body works.

The DNA of your mother and father combine to create your own one-of-a-kind signature. This means that no two people have the same DNA.

Fitness Testing

Because your body’s limits can often be tied back to your genetic code, it can be helpful to understand your DNA. An in-depth analysis allows you to alter workouts to suit your specific body. You can also learn how you respond to different foods, so you can design a personalized nutrition plan that promotes better health.

Trends in wearable technology and genetic testing suggest potential advancements that may change the way fitness junkies design their workouts. Having an intimate understanding of your body is becoming more and more popular.

Next time you’re enjoying a good workout, consider how your genetics may have assisted you. If you have a family of gym rats, your DNA might contain coding for better stamina, pain tolerance and endurance. No matter your limitations, however, you can also enhance your body’s abilities with the right combination of regular exercise and balanced nutrition.