Effective Tips To Stop Smoking For A Better Healthy Living



Inhalating  and exhalating the fumes of burning tobacco contributes to the definition of smoking. Cigarettes consisting  of finely shredded tobacco rolled in lightweight paper the most popular method of smoking. In the 19 centuries, smoking was not considered as a harmful act, but laboratory and clinical research has since proved that tobacco smoke presently is dangerous to health. Smoke from the average cigarette contains around 4,000 chemicals, some of which are highly toxic and at least 43 of which lead to cancer. Nicotine, an essential constituent of tobacco smoke, is seen as a not only poisonous but also highly addictive substance.


Quitting smoking habit is not something that one can achieves within 24 hours. It requires great determination and decision to do this. One can stop smoking if he or she can follow these tips:


1. Set a stop date.
2. Keep a daily diary.
3. Seeking for encouragement and support.
4. Get medication and use them correctly.
5. Prepare for relapse.
6. Keep trying


When you set a stop date, let’s say 1 month form now, you would have made up your mind and get ready to stop smoking. You should also write down those reasons why you must stop smoking, (the dangers of smoking habit). Always have the list on your side, so that you can look at it when the urge rises to smoke. Before your stop date, get rid of all your lighter, matches, cigarettes etc.



Furthermore, in order to deal with this smoking habit, you keeping a daily diary by your side could help. The reason is for you to keep record of when and why you smoke. The daily diary could also help you know the rate you smoke. This information contained in the diary could help you and your doctor in dealing with things that make you want to smoke.



Let your plan of quitting smoking made known to your friends and families and also your doctor. Their advice will go a long way in helping you quit smoking; your family doctor will help you develop a good plan for stopping this habit.


If you are the type that usually use cigarette to relax during stressful time, you can still adopt other better ways to manage your stress without smoking. You can relax by taking a hot bath, going for a walk or breathing slowly and deeply. Try to adopt some good changes in your daily routine that can help you to resist the urge of smoking. For example, if you smoke when drinking alcohol or coffee, then stop drinking them, since they activate your urge for smoking


In conclusion, it is best for you to quit smoking for your better living. Smoking has sent a lot of people to early grave. It is full of many dangers, which leads to untimely death. It is better adhered to quit, than to go to the grave untimely.. Don’t fail to adhere to these tips. Secure your future today. Your family, friends and well-wishers will not be happy to shed tears for you when it is not yet time to do that. You will not know the good you are doing to yourself until you quit smoking. Though, it is not so easy to quit smoking, but it is a gradual process. Make the first step by taking a decision to quit, and then determination can help you do the rest work.


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