8 Helpful Tips for Paid Search Beginners

Getting into paid search for the first time can be very overwhelming, as the field is filled with all types of acronyms, algorithms, and new information coming in every day.


1)   Get to know the acronyms and terms.


In the world of Search, there are numerous terms that are thrown around, so in order to understand the literature on best practices as well as industry updates, it will benefit you to understand the most constantly used terms.  Some good sources to start with are Google, Urban Dictionary, IAB, and Search Engine Watch.


2)   Don’t Always Use Acronyms


When dealing with clients, leave the acronyms behind, as it will only serve to confuse them.  It is important develop ways of describing ideas and solutions through real life examples so that your clients can better understand the concepts.


3)   Understand Why


It is vital for all search marketers to be proficient in data analysis.  When you have promotional activity going on, you need to be capable of collecting data and analyzing it to determine why your campaign is either effective or not.


4)   Be Aware of General Marketing Concepts


As search has become more mainstream, many companies are looking to consolidate search with their more general marketing endeavors.  Therefore, it is important to know the basic ideas and terms used in meetings with various other types of marketing.


5)   Become an expert at excel.


A majority of your activity as a search marketer will be done in excel, so you will need to become very proficient with the intricacies of the program, specifically vlookups, freeze panels, pivot tables, etc.


6)   User Tracking Concepts


You will have to understand the tracking of users.  Many tools are used to trace the users path to your site, as well as from your site via sessions stored by the browser, IP addresses, cookies, etc.  It would be wise to invest some time into learning the Google Analytics system as well as the Google Adwords program.


7)   Test, Test, Test


When launching new marketing campaigns, it will be extremely important for you to be able to properly test it using various methodologies and best practices so that you can determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your programs.


8)   Always improve


With the way that the realm of search continues to change every day, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels.  You must try to keep up with the continuously evolving best practices.  To do this, it is vital that you subscribe to RSS feeds of sites that you feel offer valuable updates and content that will provide thoughtful insight.


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